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We have been Cleaning Chimneys For Over 20 Years!

Since 2001, the Baker Team has been cleaning chimneys in Maine! Your chimney should be inspected annually to determine whether it gets much use or not to determine when cleaning is due. You want to be sure your chimney is safe to prevent a possible fire. If there is an excess amount of smoke when you burn a fire that is a sign your chimney has blockage or the chimney opening is being clogged by soot, grim and creosote. If you notice black material in the firebox or on the hearth it could be soot. If you smell something, it could be an animal that got in. If you smell something rank your chimney probably needs cleaning. To be safe, be sure to have a professional inspect your chimney annually.

Baker Chimney crew uses the latest in chimney sweeping equipment, our specially-designed HEPA filtration dust control systems allow for a thorough, dust-free chimney cleaning. We wear clean gloves when we handle your property. Drop cloths and runners are used wherever we are working. When Baker Chimney cleans your chimney you won't even know we were there because your property will be left clean as well as your chimney!

HEPA filtration dust control system is designed for chimney cleaning and for picking up masonry dust.

Call us for the best chimney cleaning service.

 Chimney Sweep Cleaning Uses HEPA Filtration for Dust Free Cleaning

To schedule a cleaning, please call or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and I will contact you.

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