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Professional Chimney Repair by Baker Chimney

 Chimney repair can be broken down into 4 areas.

  • •Chimney Caps
  • •Chimney Linings
  • •Dampers
  • •Masonry
  • Chimney Caps

  • An uncapped chimney welcomes birds and nesting animals. It also makes your home susceptible to damage caused by rain and moisture and fire damage caused by sparks and burning embers. Choose from a great selection of styles in structurally strong stainless steel or copper. Custom caps can be made to fit any chimney. We have a cap for any job imaginable. Our caps carry the Forever Warranty - the best warranty in the business!


Chimney Cap Baker Chimney Brunswick Maine 

Chimney Linings

Most masonry chimneys were not designed to handle the venting requirements of modern high-efficiency heating appliances burning liquid propane, natural gas, oil, wood, pellet, or coal. These improperly lined chimneys can cause several costly structural and cosmetic problems for the homeowner and create potentially serious safety hazards. In 1996 there were 23,000 residential fires related to chimneys and solid fuel appliances in the United States. Each year there are thousands of cases of Carbon Monoxide poisoning due to improperly lined chimneys.

Properly lined with a chimney liner 


Don't let your valuable heat escape through your roof's "big hole." Keep your heat inside with a quality stainless steel or cast aluminum damper. Dampers also allow better flow for flue gases exiting the chimney. When closed, a damper serves as a cap. Models are available with built-in caps. All of our dampers carry lifetime warranties. Please be aware: Never use dampers on chimneys with gas logs. If the homeowner forgets to open the damper, the gas fumes are difficult to detect, and this could lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Also, if a gas leak occurs, the gas could build up in the chimney, posing a dangerous risk.

DAMPER Baker Chimney Maine

Masonry Repairs

One of the biggest threats to your chimney is water. The brick itself is a very porous material. The deterioration will accelerate when water freezes and then thaws, which causes stress to the materials. The exception is stone. However, the mortar holding the fabric together is subject to deterioration. We can repoint the chimney by replacing the old mortar with new. The photo depicts a chimney in need of some repair.

Chimney Repair Baker Chimney Brunswick Maine 

To schedule a chimney repair, please call (207)725-4640 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we will contact you.

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